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Medical Records

Medical records

Medical Records Requests

The Clayton County Board of Health must assure protection of individual health information required by the laws of the state of Georgia and the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

To Request Medical Records:

In Person: When requesting a copy of medical records in person, please bring your current ID. The Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information Form can be completed at the time of the request or printed out in advance.

Fees:  At this time, there's no charge for copies of your medical records. This is  may change in the near future.



Who can request Medical Records?

How long will it take to obtain medical records?

When requesting records in person, please allow up to 24 hours from the time of request to record pick up.

When requesting records by fax, please allow up to 48 hours from the time of request to record receipt.

Can I have records sent directly to a healthcare provider/facility?

Records can be sent directly to a healthcare provider/facility at no cost.

For additional information, please call the CCBOH Medical Records Department (678) 610-7696 or

  (678) 610-7698



Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information Form English

Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information Form Spanish


PLEASE NOTE... The Medical Records fax machine is currently unable to receive faxes at this time...