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Flu Vaccine

syringe with medicine

Flu vaccine is given during the fall. Flu season usually peaks in the late winter or early spring. Remember that the flu virus in the vaccine is dead and the flu shot CANNOT give you the flu!

Individuals in the following groups are at the highest risk for serious flu-related illness and they should be first to receive the vaccine. These individuals should receive their flu shots in the fall and may get them as late as the end of December or as long as vaccine is available.

Remember: Even though early vaccination is best, it is not too late to get the vaccine in December or even January. Once you get the shot, you should have good immunity within two weeks that will last for months. If you feel you or your loved ones qualify for the vaccine, please call (678) 610-7199, extension 6522 for an appointment or stop by the Clayton County Board of Health.

The fee for the flu vaccine varies. We accept cash, debit cards, MasterCard and VISA credit cards, Medicaid and Medicare, part B.