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Inspection Information

During the inspection of a tourist accommodation the environmentalist is looking for many items. They range from the cleanliness of the grounds to the proper sanitization of the bed linens. The items our office is looking for fall into 6 major categories:

  1. Toilet Facilities/Plumbing
    1. Provided
    2. Properly maintained
    3. Proper sewage connections for trailers/camper (if applicable)
  2. Refuse Disposal
    1. Proper storage area
    2. Sufficient pick up frequency
  3. Housing/Insect Control
    1. Linens properly maintained and cleaned
    2. Structurally sound
    3. Furnishings clean and in good repair
    4. Proper insect and rodent control
  4. Food Service (if provided)
    1. In compliance with all applicable codes
  5. Laundry Facilities
    1. Structurally sound
    2. Clean and in good repair
  6. Grounds
    1. Clean
    2. Well maintained
    3. Proper spacing for trailers (if applicable)
  7. Swimming Pool (if provided)
    1. In compliance with all applicable code

This is by no means is a comprehensive list of the items our office is looking for and is not to be considered as a substitution for the Clayton County Tourist Court Rules and Regulations.


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