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Tourist Accommodation Program

Clayton County Environmental Health strives to prevent illness and/or other health related occurrences at approximately 68 Tourist Accommodations within the county. A tourist accommodation is defined as any facility consisting of two or more rooms or dwelling units providing lodging and other accommodations for tourists and travelers including tourist courts, tourist cottages, tourists homes, trailer parks, trailer courts, motels, motor hotels, hotels, and any similar place by whatever name called and any food, beverage, laundry, recreational or other facilities or establishments operated in conjunction therewith. This definition includes any facility consisting of two or more rooms or dwelling units either joined together or separate on a common piece of property, furnished for pay and further includes campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks and bed and breakfast inns.

Due to the fact that people are traveling more, and therefore exposed to many different environments, there is a greater need to inspect and regulate these facilities for health related issues. These facilities within the county are permitted and regulated based upon the Clayton County Tourist Court Rules and Regulations.


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