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Swimming Pool Regulations

Clayton County Environmental Health is responsible for   assessing public swimming pools based on the following set of rules adopted by   the Clayton County Board of Health.

Section -.01 Definitions (pdf)

Section -.02 Scope (pdf)

Section -.03 Provisions (pdf)

Section -.04 Structural Design (pdf)

Section -.05 Dimensional Design (pdf)

Section -.06 Decks and Deck Equipment(pdf)

Section -.07 Circulation Systems (pdf)

Section -.08 Filters (pdf)

Section -.09 Pumps and Motors (pdf)

Section -.10 Return Inlets and Suction Outlets (pdf)

Section -.11 Surface Skimmer Systems (pdf)

Section -.12 Lighting and Electrical Requirements   (pdf)

Section -.13 Heaters and Temperature Requirements   (pdf)

Section -.14 Air Blower and Air Induction Systems   (pdf)

Section -.15 Water Supply and Water Disposal (pdf)

Section -.16 Disinfectant Equipment and Chemical Feeders   (pdf)

Section -.17 Chemical Operational Parameters (pdf)

Section -.18 Specific Safety Features (pdf)

Section -.19 Dressing Facilities (pdf)

Section -.20 Recreational Water Parks/Special Purpose Pools   (pdf)

Section -.21 Food Service (pdf)

Section -.22 Operation and Management (pdf)

Section -.23 Compliance Procedures (pdf)

Section -.24 Adoption (pdf)

Section -.25 Repeal (pdf)

Section -.26 Severability (pdf)


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