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Response to a Formed Stool (solid) in a Pool/Spa

Formed Stool (solid) in Pool/Spa

* No uniform recommendations for disinfection of vacuum systems are available. However, if a vacuum system is accidentally used, the waste should be discharged directly to a sewer or other approved waste disposal system and not through the filtration system. The dilution effect of the pool water going through the hose may reduce the risk for high-level contamination of the vacuum system.

§ The impact of chlorine stabilizers (e.g., chlorinated isocyanurates) on pathogen inactivation and disinfectant measurement is unclear and requires further investigation. State or local regulations on chlorinated isocyanurates use should be consulted.

This information is based on the most current information provided by the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC provides pamphlet called Fecal Accident Response Recommendations for Pool Staff (pdf) which outlines the above along with other helpful information.


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