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Response to a Fecal or Other Body Fluid Accident in a Pool/Spa

Body Fluid Spill on Pool/Spa Surfaces

Another health hazard that people do not think about when dealing with pools or spas is a body fluid spill on pool surfaces (i.e. decks, stairs, furniture, etc.). If this occurs it is equally important to reduce exposure to the swimmers as if the accident occurred within the pool/spa waters.

The best way to protect the swimmers from exposure is to follow these basic procedures developed be the CDC:

  1. Block off the area until clean up is complete.
  2. Use disposable latex gloves to prevent exposure to yourself.
  3. Clean up as much of the spill with paper towels or other disposable materials.
  4. Pour a bleach solution (see below) onto the surfaces where the accident occurred.
  5. Soak the area with the bleach solution for 20 - 30 minutes.
  6. Wipe up and dispose of the bleach solution.
  7. If any non-disposable cleaning material (i.e. brushes, brooms, mops, etc.) are used they should be saturated with the bleach solution and allowed to air dry.Discard used gloves along with any other soiled cleaning materials.
  8. Double bag and securely tie up all garbage bags and dispose of them with other waste materials.
  9. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Bleach Disinfecting Solution

9 parts cool water
1 part household bleach

Add the bleach to the water and gently mix the solution.

These procedures are outlined on a Body Fluid Spills on Pool Surfaces (pdf) fact sheet developed by the CDC.


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