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Procedures for Building a New Pool or Spa- Page Under Construction

In order to build a new public pool or spa in Clayton County you must follow the requirements laid out in the County Swimming Pool Regulations. In order to properly process your plans you will be required to submit the information listed below to our office before the plan review can be started.

  • The Pool Contractor will need to submit a construction/plan review application
  • A minimum of two (2) scaled construction plans bearing the seal of a licensed architect or professional engineer must be submitted at least 30 days prior to beginning construction. These plans must include:
    • Shape and location of pool in relation to other buildings
    • Layout of the pool circulation system
    • Scale drawing of the pump room including all equipment to be placed inside
    • Any lighting provided
    • Location of safety equipment, play features, entries/exits, etc.
    • Cross section of the pool showing slopes, stair dimensions, seats/benches, etc.
  • Plans for the shower, toilet and dressing facilities. Also the calculations indicating the number of showers, toilets, urinals and lavatory fixtures required.
  • A completed hydraulic analysis form signed by an engineer must be provided by the pool/spa designer.
  • Cut sheets or manufactures specifications for all circulation, filtration, safety and disinfectant equipment must be provided.
  • Equivalent Lenghts chart
  • Friction Loss Chart
  • List of materials used in the design and construction of the pool/spa and deck surface.
Calculations will also be required for the following:
    • Theoretical peak occupancy
    • Pool volume
    • Pool turnover rate
  • A statement by the pool designer that his drawings are complete and are in conformance with the County Swimming Pool Regulations. The statement must also indicate that the plans have been prepared according to standard architectural and engineering standards.

The above is the minimum information that our office will require; depending on the complexity of the facility in question, we may require that more information be submitted in order to complete the plan review process.

If any corrections or additions to the plans are needed they must be submitted to our office before the plan review can be completed.


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