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Opening/Renewing Procedures for a Swimming Pool/Spa

Swimming Pool/Spa Operators:

Pool Season is just around the corner and we want to assist you in having a safe pool and spa operating season. Please read this letter regarding instructions for Clayton County pool and spa operators.

Procedures for Opening a Swimming Pool/Spa for the Swimming Season/Renewing a Pool Permit

  1. Have the Certified Operator in charge of your swimming pool/spa fill out the information sent with the letter or listed below:
    • Operaton Permit Application - this is required in order to update the information our office has on file for your property and to insure that you receive the quickest service possible.
    • Equipment/Parameter Checklist this form shows you what equipment/ parameters you are required to have or meet before you will be allowed to open your swimming pool/spa or renew your permit.
    • Calculations Worksheet (pdf)- this form allows our office to monitor what is physically/hydraulically occurring with your pool/spa.
  2. Along with the information above the letter will contain an invoice for any fees associated with your Public Swimming Pool Permit.
  3. Once all of the above is submitted and pool has meet all the requirements of the provided checklist, the certified pool operator will contact our office to schedule an appointment to conduct your opening inspection. The certified operator must be present at the time of your first inspection of the season.
  4. The Environmentalist will schedule an appointment to inspect the pool within 3-5 working days, once all the proper information is provided. If CPO has not had any contact with the Environmentlist responsible for your pool within 5 days of submitting your information, please contact our office to check and make sure your paperwork was received.
  5. Each facility shall test Sanitizer and pH twice a day and a log must be kept. Either the Pool Operator Records form may be utilized, or your trained operator may record these same measurements in another format. Each facility shall have the Trained Pool Operator visit the pool site a minimum of twice a week.

A Public Swimming Pool is not allowed to open for public use without first having passed its opening inspection and paid all fees associated with the pool/spa. It is the management company's responsibility to follow-up on the information submitted to this office. If a pool or spa is found to be operating without a valid Public Swimming Pool permit the facility will be closed by the Environmental Health Office and the responsible party will be required to pay double all applicable fees and the pool must pass the inspection before reopening.

 Clayton County Board of Health
Office of Environmental Health Services

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