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Pool Inspections

During the inspection of a public pool or spa the environmentalist is looking for may items. They range from the safety of bathers to the proper maintenance records being available at the pool site. The items our office is looking for fall into 7 major categories:

  1. Pool Water Quality
    1. Proper water supply
    2. Depth properly marked
    3. Proper overflow facilities
    4. Turnover adequate
    5. Proper chemical parameters (Section -.17)
  2. Circulation System
    1. Pump, filters, skimmers, and chemical feeders are operating correctly and are within easy access
  3. Deck Area
    1. Decks are clean and in good repair
    2. Appropriate lighting is provided
  4. Facilities
    1. Appropriate bathroom, shower and drinking facilities are provided and maintained
  5. Sewage Disposal
    1. Proper disposal of waste from backwashing the filter and from the above facilities
  6. Safety Requirements
    1. Safety line (if needed) is in place and secure
    2. Proper signage
    3. Stocked first aid kit and emergency equipment provided and in place
    4. Emergency phone provided and working
    5. Proper barrier around pool or spa
    6. Main drains properly covered
  7. Operator and Records
    1. Operator has proper certification (Certified Operator Requirements)
    2. Appropriate records maintained
    3. DPD test kit provided

This is by no means is a comprehensive list of the items our office is looking for and is not to be considered as a substitution for the Clayton County Swimming Pool Regulations.


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