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Pool Inspections

During the inspection of a public pool or spa the environmentalist is looking for many items ranging from the safety of bathers to the proper maintenance records being available at the pool site. Below is a list of  critical violations which will lead to pool closure if found out of compliance:

Critical Violations:

Barrier: pool enclosed/fencing in compliance - Barrier specification are in place to prevent unintended access by small children.
Self-closing/ self latching gates - Prevents unintended access by small children from entering an unsupervised pool area.
Compliant drain covers secure, present and no cracks - Drain covers provide additional protection to prevent entrapment.
Water clarity - Provides the ability to spot any unwanted contaminants, objects, or distressed swimmers from the swimming pool's edge.
Emergency phone operational and accessible - Provides direct line to 911 in times of need.
Proper disinfectant level - Current concentrations provide protection against potential water-borne illnesses.
pH - Current pH levels provide comfort to swimmers' skin from chlorine exposure.
Chemical feeders - Used to precisely deliver sufficient quantities of a registered disinfecting agent.
Filter - Assists in maintaining water clarity.
Pump - Assists in maintaining appropriate waterflow.
Appropriate lifesaving equipment present - In place to be used in the case of an emergency.


This is by no means is a comprehensive list of the items our office is looking for and is not to be considered as a substitution for the Clayton County Swimming Pool Regulations.


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