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Public Swimming Pool Program

The Clayton County Environmental Health Office is responsible for permitting and regulating approximately 260 public swimming pools within the county.

A Public Swimming Pool is defined as:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities in the United States; because of this our office inspects these facilities in order to minimize the risk of illness or other health related problems from an improperly maintained pool.

A study performed by the CDC during 2001- 2002, found that a total of 65 Waterborne Disease Outbreaks associated with recreational water were reported by 23 states. These 65 outbreaks caused illness among an estimated 2,536 persons; 61 persons were hospitalized, eight of whom died. This is the largest number of recreational water-associated outbreaks to occur since reporting began in 1978.

Swimming Pool Information:

Procedures for Opening a Swimming Pool/Spa for the Swimming Season/Renewing a Swimming Pool Permit

Clayton County Board of Health Swimming Pool Regulations

Pool/Spa Inspection Information

Procedures for Building a New Pool/Spa in Clayton County

Recreational Water Illnesses

Response to a Fecal or Other Body Fluid Accident in/at a Pool or Spa

Certified Operator Requirements

Clayton County Environmental Health has put together a brochure that provides Guidelines for Public Swimming Pool Operation which outlines the minimum requirements of public swimming pool/spa operation. Please contact our office for a copy.


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