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Tools for Contractors

An application must be completed before any OSSMS Permit can be issued by our office. Click on the appropriate application below to download and print a blank application form.

OSSMS New Construction Application (pdf)
OSSMS Repair Application (pdf)

We recommend that homeowners begin working with a contractor as early in the process as possible. This will enable the contractor to provide guidance to the owner regarding: what type of absorption field would best suit the lot, what portion of the lot would be best for the installation of the new field, water usage, stormwater, and other similar site specific issues. Our environmentalists discuss these topics during our meeting with the owner as well to ensure that the owner understands why their absorption field has failed, what type of absorption field they are having installed, and what they can do to prolong the life span of this new field.

Certifications and Study Guides
Any individual who wishes to provide septage removal or installation services in the state of Georgia must first register their company with the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) and then obtain the proper certification(s). DHR offers Pumper I and Pumper II certifications to those who wish to provide Septage Removal services. If you wish to provide Installation services, DHR offers Residential, Commercial, Drip Emitter, and Mound and Area Fill certifications. Study Guides and Applications are available on the DHR Web site or in our office.

This testing is offered at the Clayton County Board of Health. Please call (678) 610-7199 for a listing of scheduled testing dates and times. Additionally, there is a set fee per person per test. Please see the current Board of Health approved Fee Schedule for this fee.

This certification is usually set to expire on the 28th day of February, every even numbered year … i.e. - 2010, 2012, 2014, etc. As part of the re-certification process, contractors are usually asked to provide documentation that they have received the necessary Continuing Education Units (CEU's). CEU's can be obtained by attending DHR approved training seminars. Please see the following links for listings of classes:

If you have any questions regarding the number of hours you need and/or the number of hours you have on record, contact DHR at (404) 657-6534 before you register for any classes.

Approved Products
Many contractors ask: "What products does Clayton County allow contractors to install?" Actually, the Georgia Department of Human Resources reviews and approves all absorption field products, Class I and Class I equivalent products, Septic Tanks, Risers, Filters, and other similar products, not the local Board of Health. Specifically regarding absorption field products, they also determine the reduction percentage for each product. See the approval document that was issued by the DHR for current reduction percentages.

Requests for inspections of permitted installations of OSSMS components must be made between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Please call (678) 610-7199 to make this request. Be sure to have the following information readily available: the address of the construction site, the name of the installation company, the certified individual's name and DHR certification number, and a telephone number. An Environmental Health Specialist will call back after 9:30 a.m. to confirm the time of the inspection. If you have to cancel or re-schedule the inspection, please contact our office at least two hours prior to the scheduled time.

Our office receives many telephone calls regarding how or why our office made a particular decision. This may be in relation to the size of a pump tank, the number of required electrical circuits, or why a D-Box must be installed on a concrete pad when using D-Box distribution. Please see the Explanations portion of the site for a detailed account of how or why these decisions are made.

Additional Resources
Georgia Department of Human Resources' Manual for On-Site Sewage Management Systems

Alternative and Non-Conventional Absorption Field Products
http://health.state.ga.us/pdfs/environmental/LandUse/ProductApprovals/ApprovedProductsList.pdf as approved by DHR.

For your convenience, listed below are some of the most common manufacturers' Web sites:

Clayton County Board of Health
Office of Environmental Health Services

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Phone: (678) 610-7469   Fax: (770) 603-4874