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Pumps and Alarms

If your absorption field is up grade from your septic tank, or if the design requires time dosing, you may have a separate dosing tank and pump. The Georgia Department of Human Resources does not mandate that septage effluent pump manufactures provide a warranty. Therefore, the Clayton County Board cannot mandate this either. However, the manufacturer may offer a warranty on its product on its own accord. If this is an important requirement, in your opinion, inquire about this before your contractor purchases and installs the new pump.

The pump should be on a designated electrical circuit with an audible and visual alarm on a separate designated electrical circuit. If this alarm sounds, it means that the pump is not functioning for some reason. The first place to check is to ensure that the circuit breaker for the pump has not tripped … if this is the case, re-set the breaker to re-activate the pump. If the alarm continues to sound after about fifteen (15) minutes, contact a certified contractor to troubleshoot further.

Effluent Pump and Pump installed in dosing tank (with floats)

Examples of Alarms for Pumps

Please note that any electrical work should be performed by a licensed electrician and permitted and inspected by the regulative authority. This may either be a representative of Clayton County Community Development or a municipality if you reside within certain city limits.


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