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New Construction

Are you interested in purchasing property that will utilize an on-site sewage management system (OSSMS), but unsure what to do next? You will want to start with completing an OSSMS New Construction Application and returning it along with a scaled site plan and a Level III (minimum) Soil Survey. Upon receipt of the required information, an Environmental Health Specialist will review the proposal within 20 working days of submittal to determine if your proposal meets the minimum requirements of the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the Clayton County Board of Health.

Soil Survey
A soil survey can be completed by any individual certified by DHR to perform this work. These individuals are called Soil Classifiers. As with any service, our office recommends that you obtain estimates from at lest three (3) different companies so that you can determine what a "fair" price is.

If the Level III Soil Survey shows that the lot has very marginal soil characteristics, our office may require additional soil evaluations be performed prior to issuing a permit. This is usually referred to as a Level IV Soil Survey.

Scaled Site Plan
The scaled site plan should be drawn, using any ratio found on a standard Engineer Rule, although our office prefers 1"=40'. Please be sure to include the following:

Any Residential OSSMS Scaled Site Plan, which is submitted to the Board of Health, and does not contain one or more of the above noted items, will be "REJECTED" and returned to the applicant without exception. Only non-applicable omissions will be permissible.

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