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On-Site Sewage Management Systems

Determining your type of sewage disposal

Homes or businesses treat the sewage that is generated either on-site through an On-Site Sewage Management System (OSSMS) or off-site through the public sewer system. If you are unsure as to which method your sewage is treated, you can reference your water bill:

If you do not have an old bill handy, you can simply contact the Clayton County Water Authority at: (770) 961-2130 to determine what services they provide to your property.

Overview of OSSMS components

Cross-section of Two-Compartment Septic Tank

Cross-section of Single Compartment Septic Tank

Finding a Contractor

Any contractor which installs, repairs, or services any component of an OSSMS must be certified to do so, and should be able to readily provide written documentation stating such. Each contractor should be certified through the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR). DHR divides contractors into two (2) different categories:

There are some individuals or companies that provide both services, but this is not always the case. Our office recommends that the client has a clear understanding of exactly what services the contractor is to perform and the cost to perform those services prior to beginning any work.

If you have any questions, or wish to obtain inspection records or educational brochures, please contact our office at: (678) 610-7199.

Items to never intentionally introduce into your septic tank

Pouring down a drain, or flushing down a commode, any of the following could cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to your OSSMS:


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