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Explanation of Food Service Scores

Every time a Clayton County Environmental Health Specialist performs an inspection of any type of food service facility, an inspection report is issued to that facility. The most current inspection report shall be prominently displayed in public view at all times, within fifteen feet (15') of the front or primary door and between five feet (5') and seven feet (7') from the floor and in an area where it can be read from one foot (1') away. Food service establishments with drive-thru windows must also post copies the current inspection report so that a minimum of the top one-third is visible through each window allowing customers to easily read the score, grade, date of inspection, and establishment information. Additionally, the Food Service Permit must also be posted within view of the general public. These reports allow the public to be better informed of the health or sanitation status of a food service.

Violations of this Chapter are categorized according to their potential for creating a health risk to the consumer. All violations shall be recorded on the current inspection report and addendum(s). Violations are divided into two categories, Risk Factors/Public Health Interventions (RF/PHI) Categories and Good Retail Practices (GRP) Categories.

Although our office does not focus on whether a score is considered passing or failing, the primary role of the inspection process is to ensure that the food service operator has effective control of foodborne illness risk factors and to strenghten his or her existing food safety management system through intervention strategies designed to achieve immediate and long-term compliance of out of control risk factors.

We suggest that if you are trying to decide whether the sanitization practices at a specific food service meets with the Food Service Rules and Regulations, observe the violations noted on the report along with the current and previous inspection scores.

If the Environmentalist performing the inspection determines that there is an imminent threat to the health and well being of the public our office will close or take enforcement action against the facility in question.

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