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Environmental Health

Envir Health

Environmental Health is a division of the Clayton County Board of Health which works under the direction of the District Health Director.

The Clayton County Environmental Health office ensures public safety through the prevention and control of diseases and disease causing agents in local facilities and the outside environment. The Environmental Health Specialist accomplishes this through regulation, investigation, education and enforcement of Georgia Department of Human Resources and Local County Regulations.

The Roles of an Environmental Health Specialist:

The Regulator: Make sure that facilities meet or exceed the rules that have been established for their particular function. The environmental health specialist performs regular routine inspections of the facilities in question, in order ensure their compliance with these regulations.

The Investigator: Investigate complaints and/or problems with regulated facilities that are brought to the attention of the Environmental Health Office. If a violation of the county regulations is found, the environmental health specialist will then take the appropriate action and/or work with any other governmental agencies in order to have the violation corrected.

The Educator: This one of the most important roles that an environmental health specialist has. The best way for an environmental health specialist to prevent disease outbreaks is to provide operators and contractors with the information that will allow them to prevent a disease outbreak before it has occurred.

The Enforcer: The least pleasant role of an environmental health specialist is that of the enforcer. When all other processes fail to bring a facility into compliance, an environmental health specialist will have to resort to judicial and/or administrative action. This may include but is not limited to citations, hearings and in extreme instances closure of the establishment.

Clayton County Environmental Health is responsible for regulating four State mandated programs. These include: Food Service, On-Site Sewage Management Systems (Septic Systems), Public Swimming Pools and Tourist Accommodations. This office also oversees the enforcement of Nuisance Regulations and a Well Sampling Program.

In order to provide the best possible service to our clients and to the general public our office charges mandatory fees for most of the services we provide.

Environmental Health may be contacted by mail or phone at:


Clayton County Board of Health
Office of Environmental Health Services

1 Crown Center 1895 Phoenix Blvd, Suite 350 College Park, GA 30349
Phone: (678) 610-7469   Fax: (770) 603-4874