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Clayton County Medical Reserve Corps

The Clayton County Medical Reserve Corps (CCMRC), led by the Clayton County Board of Health, is part of a national network of locally-based volunteer groups. These groups help build strong, healthy, and prepared communities by:

CCMRC• Supporting local emergency response efforts
• Preparing the community for emergencies
• Participating in ongoing public health activities
• Caring for individuals with medical needs in emergency shelters
• Distributing medication during disease outbreaks
• Providing disaster mental health services
• Assisting in pandemic influenza planning
• Providing medical screenings and immunizations
• Providing health education
• Coordinating community preparedness activities

In the case of a disaster or public health emergency, local emergency response resources may become quickly overwhelmed. Experience has proven that volunteers who have been pre-identified, pre-credentialed, and trained are more easily integrated into emergency response efforts. The CCMRC organizes and utilizes public health, medical, and non-credentialed medical volunteers BEFORE disaster strikes, so the community is ready when events occur. In an emergency, CCMRC volunteers may assist public health officials with distributing medications, caring for people with medical needs, or supporting local hospitals, health departments and other emergency response partners.

To become a member of the Clayton County Medical Reserve Corps (CCMRC), please fill out our application.

Click here to view the CCMRC brochure.

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For more information about the CCMRC, contact

CCMRC Coordinator, Jane Li
Office: (678) 610-7246
Cell: (678) 794-1259
Email: jane.li@dph@dph.ga.gov