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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Below is an overview of the extensive and highly competitive benefits, for which CCBOH employees are eligible to receive.

Annual Leave (Vacation)
Accrual for fulltime employees is on years of continuous service.

10 hours per month for up to 5 years of service
12 hours per month from 5-10 years of service
14 hours per month for 10 years of service

Sick Leave
Accrual for full time employees is at a rate of 10 hours per month regardless of years of service. After 120 hours have been accrued, up to 24 sick leave hours per year may be transferred to personal leave.

CCBOH employees are provided with 12 paid holidays per year.

Group health, dental, vision, legal, accidental death and dismemberment, and life insurance are available to CCBOH employees.

Retirement Plan
CCBOH employees may participate in the Georgia State Retirement System based on a percentage of the CCBOH employees' salary.

Deferred Compensation
Tax shelter plans are available to CCBOH employees that enable them to provide for greater retirement security.

Credit Union
CCBOH employees may be eligible to become members of the Southern Federal Credit Union.

Clayton County Board of Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants chosen for employment will be subject to the following: Criminal Background Check/Fingerprinting Pre-employment drug screening and a Reference Check